Greetings, human. My name is Cirno. If that name is familiar to you, you have good tastes. If not, don't worry, it doesn't matter much.

This website is a blog of mine, where I will write on a variety of topics that interest me. It's not going to be a diary, but rather a place to store and share my writing. I enjoy writing a fair bit, be it in the form of a fairy tale or a popular science article, though I do much more of the latter.

As you may have guessed from my name, I am a fan of the Touhou Project, particularly the games, the music and the manga. I am not much of a gamer, anymore. I never played many games, but the ones I did play, I played a lot. That includes titles like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Team Fortress 2, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Call of Duty 4, Minecraft and The Elder Scrolls Online, exceeding 2000 hours in some of these titles. When it comes to music, I enjoy various forms of metal (Iron Maiden, Nightwish), electronic (Chipzel, ZUN), Vocaloid (PinocchioP) and classical (Joe Hisaishi), as well as random songs from other genres. Manga and Anime is something I got into relatively recently, as late as mid-2019 (I'm writing this in late 2020), and while I don't watch or read much, I can still point to some great works, like Cowboy Bebop, Nichijou, Terror in Resonance and Death Parade on the anime side, and Akira, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and a mountain of Touhou-related works on the manga side. When it comes to other forms of entertainment, I read books occasionally, mostly in the popular science category. I also watch movies, though rarely more than once a month.

On the more technical side, I am very interested in mathematics and physics as topics of study. While not something I seek to study or do professionally, I nonetheless find it interesting to learn about computer science and ecology. In general, if you can find me a good teacher, I will show interest in just about anything.

I value and enjoy free and open source software, not from the perspective of a developer (my programming knowledge is scarce), but from that of a user, both of the software itself and of the environment it supports. Whenever possible, I seek open-source alternatives to programs I frequently use, because ideals of open-source software developers are more often than not aligned with my own philosophy. Additionally, when such software breaks, I often find it exciting and engaging to discover the issues and work out solutions to or alternatives for them.

I use next to no social media. I deleted my Facebook account in mid-2014, and never registered for Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and the like. If you want to get in touch with me, the only place I check up on is Mastodon. You can find me there at

While the purpose of the website has been explained above, what I didn't give a reason for is why it's a self-hosted website and not, say, a Blogger page or a Tumblr account. You see, I am a fan of simple websites. Minimalistic web design can be very aesthetically pleasing when done right (I wouldn't say that my page qualifies; it does its job, but it's nothing special). They also improve accessibility because they work well even on old hardware, which often can't be said for demanding, JavaScript-reliant websites. Perhaps most importantly, I just don't need anything beyond HTML and CSS for a blog; which is nice, because HTML and CSS is all I know how to write. Having a self-hosted website gives me plenty of practice in web design, and gives me testing grounds for more demanding stuff like JavaScript, PHP, and so on if I ever wanted to try, but regardless of my choice, the page remains clean, not bloated with irrelevant code or near-useless features. Another reason for self-hosting is that I believe in decentralised web. There's still a central server hosting this page, of course, but it is not dependant on Tumblr or Blogger or any of the like, along with their rules and their regulations. I can post anything I want here, and even if these services go down or change rules, my website will be here, unaltered. This is my little corner of the web.

Drawing made by @CappuCirno over on Twitter

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