This is a repository of links with descriptions of webpages I've found on the deep web. Not all of them are listed, of course, because sharing links on the clearweb to something like Uncle Fester's works would not be very smart. Even if something is listed here, it doesn't mean that I endorse or support that can be found on it.

Tor Hidden Services


Phobos Search Engine. One of the few Deep Web search engines I know of that actually does its job, instead of spitting near-random links...


Torch search engine. Not as good as Phobos, but can still be useful sometimes.


Ahmia search engine. Same story as Torch, also still doesn't have a V3 link, which is weird.


Home page of Rustic Cyberpunk, whose blog is always worth reading. It's also the place where I heard of Mastodon for the first time.


Dig Deeper. Lots of useful guides on technology, and interesting articles on more general topics.


EldritchData, a site full of useful information (and a place to acquire some questionable skills), plus lots of links to other content.


S-Config, a fun technology blog, with lots of guides for console modding, if you're into that stuff.


Spyware Watchdog, with decent summaries of the tracking done by various popular applications and websites.


Go Beyond, a nice little blog to check up on from time to time. I don't agree with lots of what's written here, but that's part of the reason I visit it.


MayVaneDay, a writer of novels, an individual with Tulpas writing their own blogs, and part of a webring to get lost in.


The Hidden Wiki. I bet most of you know this one already, but it doesn't hurt to link it, anyway. A good starting point for deep web adventures.


A list of Searx search engine instances, with comparisons and onion links, where available. Quite useful, indeed.


RelateList, which seems to show which companies are connected to each other. I don't know how accurate it is, though.


Hail Eris.


An onion-based front-end for Reddit that doesn't need JavaScript. Great if all you care about is reading, and want to stick it to Reddit for blocking Tor traffic.


Four Thieves Vinegar, which purports to give you a way to make certain medicine yourself, to not rely on pharmaceutical companies.


A place to read a Lain-inspired internet magazine about technology.

Freenet Sites

Charles Darwin

It has no connection to Charles Darwin, as far as I can see. It contains some interesting articles and a ton of links.

The Abolition of Work

A mirror of a defunct website, with a good article about what's wrong with modern jobs, and why they should be abolished.

Germany - A so-called free country

This site is quite short, and it points out some flaws in Germany's questionable practices in regards to the internet.

2nd Reneissance

. It's absolutely gigantic, hence I haven't read it yet, but it purports to have something meaningful to say, so I might as well share it.

Made of Stars

A set of writing that just wants to spread some positivity.


An old and unmaintained flog of some guy talking about his experiences with gender, patriarchy, and the like. The broken English makes it very charming for me.

Women Struggling to Drink Water

It's exactly what it sounds like.

Thought Foundry Blog

A marxist blog on politics and some other things. Last updated in 2018, a more updated version can be found on the clearnet, at https://redliberty.org

Rozpatrywanie Islamu

A polish site responding to common criticisms of Islam. I have no stake in the matter personally, but it's just unusual to see something like this in polish.


A good repository of links to other parts of Freenet.

Kill-9 Insane Programmers

A nifty little blog with short thoughts on various pieces of software and hardware. Fun to read.

Thought Experiments Lain

A fun fansite for Serial Experiments Lain.

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