Personal rambling, light-hearted stuff

The Plight of the Generalist
18th of April 2021

I Love Mathematics
26th of March 2021

My Experience with Linux
11th of March 2021

Shorts, Volume 1
19th of February 2021

Learning Languages While Being Privacy-Conscious
24th of January 2021

Get Cold and Stop Wasting Energy
21st of January 2021

Is This Thing On? (Yes, it is!)
5th of January 2021

Statistics of Medical Tests
23rd of December 2020

How to Travel Through Time
23rd of November 2020

I Had a Dream - But Does That Mean Anything?
27th of November 2020

More serious writing, focus on technology

What is the Dark Web?
20th of April 2021

How Digital Media Works, Part 1: Digital Audio
19th of April 2021

Problems with Free and Open Source Software
11th of April 2021

Practicing Privacy, Part 2 - My Journey to Better Privacy
12th of February 2021

How to Start Practicing Privacy in an Effective Way
14th of January 2021

How to Rip Blu-Rays
30th of December 2020

More serious writing, other topics

Changing the World for the Better
18th of March 2021

Gender - Why it Should Disappear
12th of March 2021

Why We Need to Help Develop Our Local Communities
18th of February 2021

Where Do You Get Your News?
10th of February 2021

Sustainability Through Suffiency
9th of January 2021

On Conspiracy Theories - Worth the Mental Effort?
20th of November 2020