This is a repository of links with descriptions of webpages I bookmarked. Some of them are silly, some of them are weird, and almost none of them have any educational value. Still, check them out if you're bored. This page used to be called "Gems of the Web". I changed it, because they're not really gems, more like pebbles. But pebbles can be nice, too.

A gallery of the king of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf, with an assortment of amusing hats.

It's just some cables. Looking at them makes me smile.

A website about the dark side of cilantro. I don't even have an opinion on cilantro, but the sheer amount of passion poured into this site's content makes it worthy of exploring.

The home page of a certain systems administrator, whose views on technology are... questionable. Be sure to check out his place of work, Mullbergaskolan, as well.

Microsoft's unreleased version of Windows, now in your web browser. One of the best versions of the system.

It's just what the name suggests. It's not actually NSFW, though I bet you'd still get many weird looks from your coworkers.

For any Team Fortress 2 players out there, pay a visit to the home page of your favourite team.

These two sites will make you smile if you've watched Serial Experiments Lain, and uncomfortable if you haven't. I do not recommend either of these sites if flashing lights are not something you can look at.

Also known as Terminal 00, you could spend hours looking through it and still not see everything it has to offer. Not only that, but it'd likely freak out anyone who stumbled across it accidentally. Like above, avoid this website if you suffer from epileptic seizures.

The Church of the SubGenius is a parody from the 90s, that's still fun to get into today.

A collection of satirical websites from the mind (and server) of Jeff Lindsay. My favourites are The Minus Y2K Bug, Memoirs of a Sci-Cop, World Hunger Solved and Off the Top, Inc..

The home page of Shaye Saint John, an art project by the late Eric Fournier, that's as fascinating to some as it is unsettling to others.

Car delaer with a twist. You can trust her, she's Ling.

"We only gently rumble when in congress with our equals."

It's fascinating how much you can do with a set of oo's

An in-depth look at a piece of game technology most people haven't heard of, but that is absolutely fascinating.

I honestly don't know what this website is about, but the design is so nice, I was compelled to save it.

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