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Who? What? Huh?

Who? Cirno! Just an internet stranger with vague interest in technology and Touhou, with a lot of free time to do shit like this site. Feel free to talk to me here. What? I had a somewhat serious site before but I got bored with it. I still had the domain, though, so I'll just turn the site into this wonderful mess until an even more ridiculous idea strikes my noggin. Huh? Yeah, I don't know either.

Surprise attack! A JavaScript-less slideshow!

It's super effective!
Go ahead and right-click on the image :3

This place is kind of a mess...

I know, right?! I'm sitting here on a Thursday night at 2:24 AM, PoPiPo blasting in my eardrums, and coming up with crap like this. Basically, "no coherent design" is the design! This whole site genuinely started because I wanted to figure out how to make a slideshow with CSS lol.

You mentioned technology?

Ah, yes yes! I can't program worth a damn, but I like tinkering with computers and doing stuff with 'em! I run GNyU/Lyanyux on both my computer (Mint) and laptop (Arch). This website is actually hosted on one of those machines, with the configuration done by me! The site is also written from scratch by me. If you're curious about the back-end stuff, I just open a text editor and write, that's... that's it. Using Nginx as server software.

You wrote it? Didn't copy-paste from the internet or anything?

Anyway, why are there so many damn cartoons on this site?

Leave this place, you heathen. And don't come back until you've read some Forbidden Scrollery.

What about the old site? You said you got bored with it, so what happened to it?

It's still there. I wrote like a maniac for it, around 100,000 words last I checked, so it'd be a shame to let it go to waste. You can visit it here, just don't expect to see too many updates.

So what's the point now?

There is no point. When I get bored, I make a website. Usually it goes nowhere because HTML and CSS are stupid, but sometimes it works out. This has been one of those times. And besides, I paid a damn fortune for this domain (all of 3 euros!), and I ain't about to let it sit unused!

No, but like, what are you going to post here?

Oh, that. Well, I guess I'll just share what music and movies and manga and such I like, nothing important. But I'll do that later, because it's 3:04 AM now and I'm actually getting kinda sleepy.


Alright! The calendar says it's still the same date, but it's 13:30 instead of 3:30, and I had a good night's sleep, so now it's time for...

Is it Touhou time? I think it's Touhou time. Favourite games and characters, go!

My favourite characters are probably Cirno, Marisa and Yukari. I like basically everything about Cirno. Of the two protagonists, I find Marisa to be the more entertaining one, since she is more spontaneous and free-loading than Reimu's "be lazy, get money" attitude. Yukari is just fantastic, she won't say anything or even appear until the very end, but she's always there, always watching. But there are hardly any characters that are bad, there are just those I've seen more of and those I haven't.
Now, games. My favourite of them all is Perfect Cherry Blossom, followed closely by Imperishable Night. I have Normal 1CC'd Embodiment of Scarlet Devil once, Perfect Cherry Blossom twice and Imperishable Night twice. Phantasmagoria of Flower View is just a weird game, so the next step up was Mountain of Faith, but as good as the music is, I genuinely hate the gameplay. The "new engine" really isn't doing me any favors, and just... Aya can go to hell, okay? So I just went back to good ol' PCB and have been trying to 1CC it on Hard. It's... well, it's hard, as you can imagine, so I'm still long way away. I've played some other games, like Highly Responsive to Prayers and Hidden Star in Four Seasons, but only for a handful of minutes, so I can't give an opinion on them. As for the spin-offs, fighting games are literally the only game genre I cannot enjoy. I tried Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Hisoutensoku, but I am incapable of even figuring out the controls, much less having a good time.

Noises of the melodic variety

These are not ordered, as I couldn't be bothered. Let's start with some albums.

Rock and Metal



Game Soundtracks




And now for some standalone tra- NOPE, NOT YET, THERE'S LIKE 2000 OF THEM, I AIN'T GOT TIME TO LIST THEM ALL HERE

Touhou Manga

Because the only non-Touhou manga I've read are Nichijou and CITY

You can read most of these on Dynasty Reader, E-Hentai or MangaDex (once it's back up). I'm a sucker for light-hearted comedy with a slice of life, or for long-winded drama mysteries that take 10 chapters to resolve. So you can expect most books here to be of that kind.

I've arranged them in a kind of order from best to worst, but it only makes sense on a large scale. So you can assume that #2 is one I like more than #20, but not that I consider #15 better than #16. Nothing here is bad, everything was good enough for me to bookmark it for re-reading later.

Everything here is SFW (except for one bit of one manga), I don't share porn.

  1. Wild and Horned Hermit by Azuma Aya
  2. Forbidden Scrollery by Moe Harukawa
  3. At Chirei and I'm Worried About Her by Karaagetaoru
  4. Silent Sinner in Blue by Aki Eda
  5. Kene-Moko and the Students by Karaagetaoru
  6. Read Me a Story, Miss Patchy by Karaagetaoru
  7. Strange and Bright Nature Deity, Oriental Sacred Place and Visionary Fairies in Shrine by Makoto Hirasaka
  8. Keine Box by Karaagetaoru
  9. Suwakoto! by Ryusuitei
  10. Yakumo Ran to Mugen no Heya by Niy Koubou
  11. Remilia Curls Up and Dreams in the Kotatsu by Karaagetaoru
  12. The Gensokyo of Humans by Ashiyama Bungaku
  13. Sparrow's First Love and Night Sparrow in Love by Nikutamasoba
  14. Baka Records by Ke-Ke-Keine by Kamo Nari
  15. Izayoi Scramble by StrangeChameleon
  16. Out of Indigo by Bell no Su
  17. Super Speed Starters by Karaagetaoru
  18. Bringing up a Child of Crow by StrangeChameleon
  19. The Shinigami's Rowing Her Boat as Usual by Aya Azuma
  20. Little Blossom by Karaagetaoru
  21. Bowl of Mayohiga by Aki Eda and like 7 other artists
  22. Because They Are My Dear, Dear Family by Mori no Mushi
  23. MOCOHUASCA by Alison Airlines
  24. Boundary Between Youkai and Oni by Aozora Market
  25. Effective Medicine for the Worrisome You! by Millet Soup
  26. Lotus Eaters by Mizutaki
  27. Foul Detective Satori by Ginmokusei
  28. Neko by Fuantei
  29. Touhou Blue Book: Nu Na Tomo, Mo Yura Ni by Yohane
  30. Chen and the Canvas Fish by Moyazou
  31. A Dream Dreamt by an Honest Woman by Koge Croquette
  32. Occasional Sisterly Gifts by Millet Soup
  33. Meirin of Fury by Mitsuki Yuuya
  34. Scarlet Devil's Day Off! by Millet Soup
  35. Kami-sama to Watashi by Koge Croquette
  36. The Scarlet Kin by StrangeChameleon
  37. Konpaku Youmu and the Dream of Kasho by Niy Koubou
  38. God's Break by Yakumi Sarai
  39. Sanae Miracle by Karaagetaoru
  40. Blessed New Year by Shinoasa
  41. World's #1 Onee-sama! by Millet Soup
  42. I'm Currently By Your Side! by Millet Soup
  43. Yukarin, Only 3 Days to Live by Minato Hitori
  44. Another Peaceful Day at the Scarlet Devil Mansion by Megumiya
  45. Varian Youyoumu by FLIPFLOPs
  46. Fanfare to the Fighting You by Kiiroi Me no Kujira
  47. Myourenji Enikki Matome by Katagiri
  48. Miko Miko Suika by Haniwa's Store
  49. Bears by Red Shine¨
  50. The Legend of Tohno's Black Cat by VISIONNERZ
  51. I Came to Meet You by Yume Bouei Shoujo Tai
  52. Rolling Jet NamuThunder by StrangeChameleon
  53. The Embodiment of Pure by Aozora Market
  54. Kirisame Marisa and the Secret Key by Kawanami Izumi
  55. Remilia and the Elder Sister Thinking of Her Younger Sister by Popopo
  56. Sound of the Bells by Mori no Mushi
  57. Meiling Holiday by Kamiyama Aya
  58. Silent+Song by Amagase Lyle
  59. Yamawarau by Kiiroi me no Kujira
  60. Three Fairies by Hirasaka Makoto
  61. Scarlet's Pudding by Karaagetaoru
  62. Starving Marisa's Blessed Meal by Shijimi
  63. Remilia's New Year's Eve by Popopo
  64. Well-Ventilated Workplace! by Millet Soup
  65. Dragon Killer by Yakumi Sarai
  66. Cirno Shunbun Zenpen by O-P-L
  67. The Hero is Wriggle! by Suichuu Hanabi
  68. Today is No Sakuya Day! by Suichuu Hanabi
  69. Motto Ganbare, Yuuka-sama by Ayasugi Tsubaki
  70. Aircon Dakkan Daisakusen! by Noya Macoto
  71. Three Days Ago by Shimerike
  72. The Cat Who is Often a Cat by Oinari
  73. Okuu and Her Eggs by Citrus*BW
  74. Magical Coincidence by Tail Concerto Temporary
  75. Sanae-san is on the Run! by Aya Azuma
  76. THE Cirno by Rokukawa
  77. Pocket Money Remilia by Noya Macoto

Games to spend your life on

Well, alright, many of these aren't exactly something you can spend your life on, but hey, put together these things have sucked up like 14000 hours of my life, so the title still fits

This section is a lot shorter than the others, but I can't help it. I just don't play many games. I play them a lot, but it's just the same ones over and over again